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  1. Diminished Value Companies ?

    I would think that you could get an offer on your Mav from Carmax, Carvana, etc and disclose the fact that it's been in an accident and see what their offer is. Then get an offer on your Mav without disclosing the accident damage and see what the offer is. The difference in price (if any) would...
  2. After nearly a year wait, it has arrived!!

    She kinda cute ngl
  3. Hoping my salesman didn't just screw me..

    Your dealer will probably have to reach out to the brand manager or inventory specialist to ensure that issue is corrected. It might happen naturally, but it might not...
  4. North Carolina The one you've been waiting for!

    A used Eco for $6K over sticker with scratches by the U/L buttons? LOL, GLWS...
  5. 2023 Maverick Built

    In B4 someone is mad your Mav is being built before theirs,lol
  6. Guess I am giving up!

    I don't blame you. The phrase "You had one job" comes to mind. Sux especially with Ford removing some feature seemingly every month...the sooner you get the truck, the more features come with it that you expected, but the older it is, the more problems it can have that are subject to recalls...
  7. Guess I am giving up!

    What's wild is your dealer got the same info as every other dealer...ask them to show you the corporate email that detailed how to switch over your order and ask them to compare that to what they actually did. Then grab them by the neck and make em buy you the exact Mav you ordered and only...
  8. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    Ya like what ya like...but I'm having a small problem with you thinking a Mav can take the place of a Mac...
  9. 2022 Maverick 2.0 AWD Lariat 1 Day New, Now in Limp Mode

    By the time the tow truck got there, I'm sure the Mav had cooled off enough to drive onto the flatbed. If not, or if it didn't start, it still had power so the tow truck driver could put it in neutral. Even if it was dead, there's a lever he can pull to put it in neutral
  10. 424 days

    She kinda cute ngl
  11. Price Protection, Interest Rate Protection?

    You should have been converted to a 23 model, so you should have a transition offer of $1750 for an Ecoboost or $2750 for a Hybrid and you'd lose the interest rate protection iirc. Bear in mind that I'm just a casual dummy and could be mistaken about the process...
  12. Oct 23rd, 2021 order has been built.

    LOL, enjoying that moonroof huh?
  13. Oct 23rd, 2021 order has been built.

    Soooo...are you going to take delivery and sell your current Mav or...?
  14. 88 Octane Gas in Maverick Hybrid?

    Fully expected to be using banana peels mixed with 2 ounces of Miller High Life as a fuel source by now...
  15. 2022 Maverick 2.0 AWD Lariat 1 Day New, Now in Limp Mode

    Mechanical breakdowns can happen to any new vehicle, regardless of manufacturer...
  16. Maverick 1 - Mitsubishi 0

    In B4 someone wants to see pictures from under the bumper to determine whether or not it's totaled
  17. 2022 Maverick 2.0 AWD Lariat 1 Day New, Now in Limp Mode

    Might be because the dealer he bought it from was selling them for $3k below MSRP
  18. What is going on with Maverick production?

    OP, you should have gotten a couple of 45 day emails from Ford, one for each order...
  19. Early Christmas Present: Maverick Tremor Delivery Scheduled For Dec 19-25th

    I don't think that's the real way for Ford to know who rolled over from 22 to 23 AFAIK
  20. I Am Confused

    Hello Confused, my name is Saul. Yes, 2023 Mavs have been built and are probably on their way to dealers. AFAIK what happens with Ford is when the Mav is built and preparing to be shipped, Ford automatically adds the vehicle to the dealer's website. I've noticed this with Toyota too, with the...