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  1. Alignment Specs

    Does anyone have access to the alignment specs for these yet? I leveled mine and want to align it, but our Hunter machine does not have the Maverick. Any help is very much appreciated. I did a Google search also and came up empty.
  2. Wheel choice opinions....

    My truck was accidentally ordered with the wrong wheels (I have the black FX4 wheels) and I very much dislike them. I think I have narrowed my search down to these, but I am curious what people think. They will be getting 245/65 AT's and I think I am going with the Falken Trail AT
  3. What is the latest software # for Non Lariat Trucks?

    I tried to check for a software update at my house yesterday and there appeared to be software available. But, my Wifi signal was too weak and the download never went above 0%. Now I am at my work with a good connection and it does not appear to be finding an update. The version shown in my...
  4. New Maverick is here. Mostly positive experience

    So my new truck is finally in. I will start with the good. Dealer gave me the price at time of order and interest rates as well, with no pushback. The negative is of course that I cannot take delivery because of the pending brake light recall. And the bigger thing to me is that they ordered it...
  5. Windshield Sun Shade?

    Has anyone found one that is exact fit for the Mav's yet? I did a quick search on Amazon thinking one would come right up and got nothing instead.
  6. Built and shipped!

    I can't believe it has finally come together. Iconic silver, EB, FX4, 4K, XLT Lux ordered last November. It was essentially built the last week of July but has been sitting and waiting on a constrained chip. Finally built as of the 29th of last month, and got the shipped email at 2 this morning...
  7. I got a projected build date

    I called my dealer today to change my order, dropping the LXT lux package, and to my surprise they said my truck has been assigned a projected build date for the first week of June. So for now I am standing down on the change because I really do want that option. This was from a November order...
  8. Wait for my order (yet to be confirmed) or buy off the lot?

    So I had ordered a truck back in November. 2.0 XLT, FX4, 4K tow and Lux Package. Recently I had the dealer drop the spray in and add the drop in bed liner in hopes of getting a production bump. As of now, still crickets. One of my other local dealers just called me and said they got an XLT, FX4...
  9. Ordering times for EcoBoost XLT Lux Package

    I have seen lots of discussion on lead times with hybrid, but I must be missing if someone has mentioned eco boost and more specifically XLT Lux package. I practically ordered mine yesterday compared to some of you (8 weeks ago) and was curious what people are actually seeing.