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  1. We are bored waiting for our tremors.

    If you have a tremor on order.....Go ahead and post a picture of your other mav, or whatever else you are driving while waiting.
  2. For granger buyers who didn't see Iowa

    Hello to all the others who bought a mav from granger , or have just been following the thread out of curiosity. I am from Iowa, I have read how people have ordered from granger, picked up their mavs, got on the interstate, and headed home. Now let me be honest. Where I live, right in the...
  3. Wheel comes off some pickup. What causes that?

    I saw this on the road today. The back wheel came off a pickup. What does that?
  4. I'm thinking of switching hot pepper red to shadow black.

    Tell me the good and bad about black paint jobs on cars, or trucks. I never have had a black car or truck. I have had a couple different blues, reds, and whites, 1 charcoal Grey, 1 safety yellow, silvers, greens, and primer.
  5. Arghhh!! Neighbor got a mav before i did!

    I saw a nice fx4, cactus grey I think at the neighbors house today. I'm not really sure if its theirs or someone visiting. But, arghhhhh, where's mine? Know the feeling?
  6. Do tremors get a separate build line

    I know almost nothing about auto manufacturing. I started wondering... Do tremors go down the same assembly line? They are a considered a different body code when ordering. Because of the front end they seem to be their own model. Do they build right next to the standard body? Or, do they...
  7. Is the factory picking up production speed, or not?

    I have a velocity blue, xlt, fx4, pretty much stock, on order. I have a build date for Sept 26. I checked my tracking a few minutes ago and it says in production, 5 days early. I want to be optimistic. Are they picking up speed at the factory?
  8. 9,13,2022. Was just on build site and got denied access.

    I was just now on build and price and got kicked out. I got an access denied message. Hopefully they just shut down the 2022 info pages so 2023 can go up.
  9. Tremor, or 1990's, f-350, 4x4, regular cab

    I saw one the other day on its way to a truck pull, and I wanted it.
  10. Fx4 option , which mode, in snow?

    Hello. I put a deposit on a dealer order orange xlt last week. They ordered it in june and said they could still do option changes. They ordered it with awd and the xlt luxury pack. I told them i wanted the fx4 , the 4k tow pack, and fancy wheels. Now i am having second thoughts on the fx4...