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  1. 2022 Maverick 2.0 AWD Lariat 1 Day New, Now in Limb Mode

    Now that sucks!! Sorry to see you having to deal with this. Maybe @Ford Motor Company has something to say?
  2. Radio vs. Text Playback

    I have used the text function a number of times and the radio stops playing while the text is being played back. Winder if there is a setting somewhere for that?
  3. Sold my Hybrid Mav, now moving to this...

    👋 Bye! Good Luck!
  4. Dealer Add Ons Common?

    That is scummy story we have heard way too often here. But there are straight up dealers out there and I’ld like to think there are more of them than ones like this. Mine was one of the good ones. Sorry your having to deal with it.
  5. Latest Addition: It only Comes Out At Night!

    Found these while searching around in Amazon. They come on when the door opens and go off when closed. It uses a magnet and a magnetic switch imbedded in the projector. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have. A real conversation piece in the parking lot after dark. Here’s the information, if...
  6. Front License Plate Mounting?

    See my post above ^.
  7. Front License Plate Mounting?

    Found it. I used two pieces of the loop side of some Velcro tape I had to keep the metal clamps from being metal on metal on the tow hook. Hope this works for you. 😊
  8. Front License Plate Mounting?

    I don’t think I still have the brand name around. I think I found them on Amazon, but it’s been awhile so I’m not sure. I’ll search my purchases, but it may not still be there.
  9. Tonneau vs Canopy

    Keeping coming south. We have warmer winters and mountains.
  10. Tonneau vs Canopy

    I’ld move somewhere warmer, if I were you. 😊
  11. 13 Month Wait Finally Ends!

    Congrats and Happy Mavericking!!
  12. Show your Maverick Working

    Sorry, I’m retired so here’s mine at play. 😂
  13. Anyone with a priority 19 get a build date yet?

    Priority codes only affect those orders within the specific dealer. EDIT: Also, if every order is put in at that dealer with a 19 it would have no affect at all. Then the order date would be the priority factor.
  14. New guy

    Welcome, Congrats and Happy Mavericking!!
  15. Greetings from Michigan

    Welcome to the Zoo. Gotta watch out for the bears and trolls that that hangout here in the shadows. If you feed them they get really snarky. But if they get to chewing on something you put out there, the ‘Ignore’ button is your go to. US Air Force here.
  16. What are the odds I can get 3 replacement windows?? Maverick broken into!

    I don’t disagree. But there is a difference between being scummy and being worthless with no social value at all. Just saying.
  17. Trouble adapting coming from Silverado and Tiguan

    I agree about the cruise control. I’ve always thought the system should remember your setting and reengage with just the touch Resume. Just my opinion. That and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee.