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  1. The Baja Maverick Build Update

    I'll soon be installing a custom graphics set, 2" Eibach Pro Lift, Air Designs cab spoiler, CravenSpeed Stubby Jr antenna, Billie Bars with their MOLLE panels, and JJC A pillar mounts for 4" round KCs. Already pulled the trigger on all of that; just need to install. Baja Maverick coming...
  2. Keko's Black Friday Sale is ON!

    Will the Maverick sport rack go on sale?
  3. Boomba Racing Catch Cans Stage 1 and 2 Now Available for 2.0 Maverick!

    Then I guess Stage 2 is what I should be looking at first. And then maybe even consider adding Stage 1. Thank you, sir!
  4. Boomba Racing Catch Cans Stage 1 and 2 Now Available for 2.0 Maverick!

    What is the difference between Stage 1 and Stage 2?
  5. Ideas for performance tuning the 2.0 EcoBoost Maverick

    Price is still showing $900. Is there a code?
  6. Ideas for performance tuning the 2.0 EcoBoost Maverick

    Have MRT straight pipe exhaust, Steeda blowoff, and Buschur intake. Thinking about... JB4 piggyback tuner JB4 water/methanol injection kit Boomba throttle body and intake spacers (for the WMI ports) When a larger turbo becomes available I want it, plus would then like to add... Buschur...
  7. UNOFFICIAL TUNED MAVERICK ECOBOOST NEW WORLD RECORD: 0-60 in 4.82s and 1/4 mile in 13.24s @ 103.27 mph

    Awesome work! You still running a JB4? And what's the story with your downpipe? Exciting stuff here for the club.
  8. Boomba Racing Maverick Motor Mount Now Available!

    Was hoping for a downpipe, but this is cool too. Wonder what the install difficulty level will be.
  9. What 'severyone getting for MPG with the ecoboost?

    Dash display says 19 mpg. Have less than 2K miles. Drive to work is less than 5 minutes and I rarely drive it. 4K tow pack. Use Regular drive mode, and have used Sport a few times. 245/65/17 Mickey ATs, Buschur intake, MRT straight pipe no muff. I run 93 octane fuel. No tune yet. Looking at...
  10. I have decided on a lift kit. Need help with spacers.

    I'll be going with the 1.5" spacer lift (no level) from Belltech to maintain the raked stance. I would like to add spacers to the rear, to get those wheels to match the front. The front wheels protrude past the fender from the factory and I'd like all four corners to be uniform, for the look...
  11. Buschur's Vented Pro Catch Can

    David, I had trouble finding the vented pro catch can on your site. Do you have a direct link?
  12. Any easy to install Fog Light kits?

    Since I've been daydreaming about the mounts, and viewing them regularly in his Etsy store, I get alerts through the Etsy app to come back for Maverick stuff. It looks like he was able to drop the price a bit for you guys -- wanted to update the club members. I might just have to pull the...
  13. Keko Bed Rack / Chase Rack Available in September

    Thank you for the photo and for responding. Did you also buy the "sports bar bracket for retractable truck bed cover" on their website?
  14. Keko Bed Rack / Chase Rack Available in September

    Man, that looks sharp! Can it be installed with just the rack; without the bars that extend to the end of the bed? Also, was under the impression that it could only be installed with their brand tonneau. Cool that you found a fix with the gasket idea. I wonder if I could find a workaround with...
  15. Missouri Keko Sports Bar Upgrade

    Looking forward to seeing the first club member who posts a photo of their truck with the bar installed!
  16. Any easy to install Fog Light kits?

    I would love to mount up four of the 3" KC LEDs in the bumper and two of the 5" KC Apollo halogens at the A pillar. Maybe even put the the 5" KCs on the Keko sport rack. Would look dope!