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  1. How to play iTunes on my Maverick?

    I’m guessing that you use an iPhone. I think you have at least a couple options. Sync your phone to iTunes and have it put your music library in your phone. Use CarPlay. Transfer your music to a thumb drive. Plug that into the usb. I think that there are some posts here on the forums about this.
  2. How many days between Built & Shipped??

    mine shows built 09/22/22 Arrived at dealer 10/26/22 I think it shipped around 10/07/22, just a guess since I had to look online for status changes. Never got anything from Ford or dealer
  3. First hybrid oil change, does this shield look right??

    Strange. Does yours have the cut out panel like the illustration shown above or an outstanding recall? Mine was built 09/22/22
  4. Finally arrived

    Very nice!
  5. First hybrid oil change, does this shield look right??

    Yes, ours look like something was simply removed from that area.
  6. 📬 12/1/22 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    probably correct. I never received any emails from Ford. I just did the daily login to check status. Along with an occasional call to ask and complain. It just showed up one day.
  7. BUILT.

    hopefully they can get it to you before the rail strike.
  8. List of Recalls, TSB, SSM, Notices for the 2022+ Ford Maverick
  9. Price protection on a 22

    Mine was going to be around $580. They price protected it for me and I didn’t pay it. Hope you get reimbursed quickly.
  10. Love my Maverick, but the wife hates it.

    mine isn’t really impressed with the Maverick either. I didn't buy it for her though. I like it.
  11. I'm looking for feedback on if I should buy now and trade when my new one comes in?

    Nope, no “Crystal balls” here. There is a lot to be said for being “Debt free” of a car loan. Unless you absolutely must have a truck. Your car is paid for. Just make some payments to your savings until your truck arrives. While a truck may have a higher resale in the end, it could all collapse...
  12. My Mav Is On The Road

    Very nice! Happy hunting.
  13. Due to Ford Screw-ups/Lies-What have you done with your current vehicle

    i shopped several, but waited for my Mav. I liked the Santa Cruz, but didn’t even test drive one. I refused to approach the $4250 mark up above MSRP. I hope you enjoy it.