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  1. 88 Octane Gas in Maverick Hybrid?

    Great answer. Probably what 90% of people will do. Just it's nice to know you CAN use ANYTHING (other than diesel) if you find yourself in a spot where 87 octane is unavailable. Sold out, power out, shortage, war, hurricane evacuation, blizzard, etc. Probably the best order would be to go...
  2. $100k Truck vs. $25k Truck

    I didn't ask. It was a 5 minute interaction. Almost certainly yes.
  3. $100k Truck vs. $25k Truck

    Looks are a matter of personal preference. My take away today is: The Rivian is not that large. And/or the Maverick is not that small.
  4. $100k Truck vs. $25k Truck

    I keep thinking the yellow stripe is a yellow tie down strap going over the truck.
  5. $100k Truck vs. $25k Truck

    Look what just parked next to me. A Rivian. Almost exactly the same size as the Maverick. Not quite the same price. He did have suspension set to "low" but body height and bed height was identical to a stock Maverick. The crew cab was just a couple inches longer. Front bumpers and...
  6. Engine cover installed on Maverick Hybrid Lariat. Part numbers inside

    Another nice add on. I liked the one on my OLD Escape.
  7. Cover plate for filling in the area around the hitch.

    Looks nice. I like this mod. Think how much this would slow down production if done at the factory. But they could have molded the holes. They should have just included one under the seat or something for owners to do at their option. The parts department is probably starting to wonder why so...
  8. cold temperature fuel efficacy drop Hybrid?

    For the truck to shut off the engine and allow EV only miles, the water coolant gauge needle needs to be just off the "C". However there is an electric water pump to give heat to the vents. On a cold day, you can watch the temperature needle fall at a 1 minute stoplight.... IF you are blowing...
  9. 88 Octane Gas in Maverick Hybrid?

    I found E25, that's 25% ethanol ran great in my 2005 Escape Hybrid. A custom blend not readily available unless you are in the corn belt, but you can make your own. Ran great for 235,000 miles. Obviously only a fraction of the miles were E25. I did go all the way up to E85 and nothing blew...
  10. Is there a benefit to using higher octane gas in the hybrid?

    ^^^ Exactly this. ^^^
  11. 88 Octane Gas in Maverick Hybrid?

    Three short things: 1) the truck, as every modern vehicle adjusts to any octane gas. The adjustment time is minutes to hours. Not great to change it up and experiment tank after tank. You can, but performance (mostly MPG) will suffer during the adjustment period. 2) octane is a rating based...
  12. 88 Octane Gas in Maverick Hybrid?

    Ethanol is not junk. Ethanol is not corrosive. Ethanol can go in your body. Ethanol is vodka. Try putting gasoline in your body (no don't) just imagine the difference in "corrosion" and "poison". Ethanol is a small, simple, clean molecule that when burned produces two clean molecules: water...
  13. 88 Octane Gas in Maverick Hybrid?

    Ya, that and it got colder outside!! LoL! 🤣
  14. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    It's not to keep the underside "clean". It's to improve aerodynamics probably give us 2-3 mpg on the highway. 😎
  15. 10k markup for 2022 maverick

    My point. If it's fine for you to do it, it's fine for everyone to do it. Dealers included.
  16. anywhere in Texas to get a Maverick at list price or discounted?

    Just wait till the 2023's come out (in 2024) then dealers everywhere will be discounting the 2022 model!
  17. anywhere in Texas to get a Maverick at list price or discounted?

    No no, a quick look shows they are listing at list price. Almost all do that!
  18. oil pressure and voltage

    The newest large touchscreen ScanGauge III is AWESOME for what it is and what it does if you want a dedicated device for daily use. While it does lots of troubleshooting, I use it daily for the gauges. It's your best buddy when towing. Who want's to dick around with a cell phone? I'd rather...
  19. oil pressure and voltage

    Your data on the ScanGauge is outdated. This thing is friggin' amazing! It will display 100's of parameters and you can set 27 "favorites" 3 pages of 9 or you can do a grid of 4 if you want larger, or just one at a time.
  20. Easiest way to disconnect the wire to the power tailgate lock?

    But nobody wants a Maverick tailgate because the cables are different lengths on left and right. I am on board with the OP. But reverse. I'd like to lock it semi-permanently. So I guess lock it, then pull the wire? Is that doable? oh oh... great idea forming.... put in a "valet" switch...