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  1. Maverick XLT 2.0 FWD

    Well, some people say these new engines really do not need a "break in" period. Looks like you may be testing out that theory?? :unsure: :unsure: :D Good looking truck! Congrats! Was the CG Lariat next to it for sale also??
  2. Finally arrived

    My mother always said: "Curiosity killed the cat" Well, I am a bit curious; I do not see the red Chevy. I just had a birthday and I am reaching "advanced middle age", although some might say "old age". I just want to make sure that my eyesight is still ok!!! :unsure: :confused:
  3. 2022 Maverick 2.0 AWD Lariat 1 Day New, Now in Limb Mode

    Possible, I suppose... OP was driving in cold weather on the trip; certainly not like summer! Coolant level, or perhaps a faulty sensor?
  4. Finally Happened

    Hmmm. Not many miles. I hope you're not getting many inquires is due to that and not because of the places you frequent where people do not want to be recognized and just sort of slink to their vehicles. No not talking about church!! :)
  5. Dealer didnt convert order

    I suspect you are probably quite right. Your second sentence sounds like it was written by a lawyer!!! Perhaps when you get your new Lariat Maverick you will no longer be reading legal descriptions out of boredom??? :unsure: :ROFLMAO:
  6. Dealer didnt convert order

    I realize this forum has been, in my opinion, a bit quick to recommend legal recourse. In this case, I am not sure that you don't have a good case. 6900 orders were roll overed. I would guess the number not rolled over because of dealer error/negligence is very small. I think the loss of the...
  7. Anyone put a fuel tank in their truck bed?

    My son bought a tool box disguised gas tank for his diesel Ram. It held about 100 gallons of diesel which he filled with off road diesel with less taxes. He could cut over from this tank to the regular truck tank. Theory was if patrol checked your fuel, it would be the non-dyed diesel. He...
  8. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    Wonder if part of the problem is with people getting close to see what kind of truck they are seeing. ;) Hey, neat truck, what is that?? The stamped maverick letters from the factory are not easy to read. I have the black letters on my cactus gray and have not been rear-ended!! I suppose one...
  9. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    To me, it is a little hard to tell if this was a rear end collision from this picture. It may have been a side swipe starting at the back door, removing the back quarter panel and proceeding to get the rear bumper and tailgate. Maybe OP can tell us??
  10. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    Glad everyone was OK and air bags functioned. Also, good you found another Mav at MSRP. Must admit I totally understand hating to lose the Cactus Gray: It is my color choice and I love it. Area 51 is also nice, and you now again have one very nice truck! Happy Mavericking. Stay safe...
  11. Made up my mind for surr

    To see em is to love em. Driving em is even better!!!!!
  12. No Insulation at Fender to engine!?

    Not sure, but my Lariat does not have the lux package. I have a feeling that if the insulators were stacked by the line, they got put in. If none were available, they would have kept on producing. Luck of the draw??
  13. ECOBOOST ONLY: Tracking Remaining MY22 Builds

    Good looking truck! Congrats! Good looking son also; guess he always "smiles" like that??? :) I feel bad for his hearing problems what with not having ears.:cry:
  14. No Insulation at Fender to engine!?

    I just checked my 29 July built Lariat. Present on both sides. I believe that these are probably present on all Cactus Gray Mavericks. The workers would have recognized that Cactus Gray buyers choosing that color were very discerning buyers with exceptionally good taste and deserved nothing...
  15. Ford Authority: Fleet orders being built first......

    Below article includes some pretty good info, although some seems to be "old news". Interesting that the first Mavs to be built will apparently be mostly fleets. I assume because of less constraints. Article says all packages have constraints. I also thought it interesting that Lariat EB now...
  16. I'm looking for feedback on if I should buy now and trade when my new one comes in?

    Your thinking seems reasonable to me, for whatever that is worth!! When you say 28k out the door for an XLT that sounds like about MSRP. If that is the case, I think it would probably not depreciate any more than the Caddy. Depending on how many miles you drive, there should be considerable...
  17. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    I noticed you purchased an XLT. Was moving "up" for the XL to the XLT putting lipstick on a pig???? Sort of like moving up from an XLT to a Lariat??? :unsure:
  18. Against all odds - stay positive.

    I am far from a person of great patience. I think most people understood the parts supply problem. They understood to a large degree the problems in the whole shipping industry. What many people did not understand was when they saw similar orders to theirs get built first more than once. I...
  19. My Poor Maverick... Hoping they don’t total it.

    So Sorry!! And to make it even worse, it was the beautiful Cactus Gray!!!!!!!! I know it happened quickly, but did you notice if what Ford calls the Active Emergency Brake function kicked in or took place?? Just curious.
  20. Clay bar and Turtle Wax graphene flex wax done today.

    Wow looks great. Do not forget that you will need to show the income you receive for the advertising rights from Turtle Wax and Ford on your tax returns!!!! :D