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  1. Another 12 second Maverick -- 93 octane with weight reduction

    Crazy!! I remember dropping the exhaust to save weight to run mid 13s in my 65 falcon. With 4:11s topping out just over 100 mph
  2. 🙋🏻‍♂️ Post if you received your 2023 Maverick scheduled for production confirmation & VIN today Oct 28!

    Just got my email from the dealer-full load Lariat-ordered may 2022-production scheduled for Nov 28th.......hope i don't jinx myself...
  3. ⛔️ Official bulletin: 2023 Maverick order banks closing on 9/20 (Hybrid) and 9/21 (EcoBoost)

    Nobody in Canada seems to have heard of a maverick order cut off ( yet )
  4. Crazy Canadian Markups

    Dealer in Edmonton offered me a XLT with only a $3200 markup over MSRP....
  5. 12 month oil change!!!

    When i worked at the ford dealer being in the prairies the DSM told us to use the severe duty service cycle due to our extremes in -40C to +40C and constant wind and dust. With modern oils i change mine now every 6000kms and haven't EVER had a problem.