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  1. Inspiration build - "Black Label" Concept w/ Black Roof Wrap

    Roof in black looks great. The bed wood I'm not sure about, but the option of grey barn wood mentioned above sounds good.
  2. AWD Eibach Lowering Springs ordered

    Did the same today. Enjoy yours!
  3. Lowering springs for Maverick

    Just ordered the Eibach Pro's. Once I get shipping confirmation I will order the rear sway from Good-Win racing.
  4. Which tonneau cover do you prefer?

    What tail gate seal did you use? I will reach out to Truxedo to find where to make adjustments. The worse leak is where it meets the cab bulk head. The seal is no where near flat. I had hoped the sun with flatten it down, that hasn't been the case.
  5. Another 12 second Maverick -- 93 octane with weight reduction

    Great times! How much weight did you pull out and from where?
  6. Engine cover for 2.0L now discontinued?

    So these are junk yard only parts at this point? These are from 2020-2022 Escapes only?
  7. Which tonneau cover do you prefer?

    I have the Truxedo Low Pro. Leaks water like crazy, sure I will have a mold issue. I was told you could close the tailgate with the cover closed. Not the case or the leaking is worse. Guess I will live with it until the spring and toss it in the trash for something better. Live an learn, may...
  8. 12 Second Maverick!

    Great progress. And congratulations on being the first in the 12's.
  9. Slamologist slammed Area51 (lowered on Escape springs)

    Truck looks great. Always loved the steel wheel with "Dog Dish" look.
  10. Officially broke my unofficial record 0-60 and 1/4 mile

    Wow, that was a fast run. Doing great.
  11. It's really not that small.... Maverick is 199" length

    It's a tight fit in my garage. Seven inches longer than my 2018 Mazda 6 GT.
  12. So how feasible is flipping it, really?

    Also check smaller local dealers. The dealer I bought my used Maverick from is paying more than Carvana for used ones.
  13. Lowered Maverick pickup haters look away! This is one slammed / dumped street truck

    A lot of nice work on this. Look at some of the small details that show it is well thought out.
  14. Tremor real-world MPG? Guesses?

    I doubt there will be much difference.
  15. It's not school bus yellow. IT'S NOT SCHOOL BUS YELLOW!!!

    My favorite color by far. Have one on order, I bought Iconic Silver used and it's boring as hell.
  16. What 'severyone getting for MPG with the ecoboost?

    I'm getting 24-25 mixed. I use ECO in traffic. I've been getting 31-32 on the highway.
  17. Clay disks or mitts vs clay bar

    A buddy of mine owns some very nice cars and keeps them well detailed. He started using clay mitts this year and swears by them. I believe he is using the nanoskinz version. I was looking at picking one up but have several bars of clay I need to go through.
  18. How many strangers have asked about your Maverick?

    None, Had it a month. But mine is silver so no one notices it.