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  1. Brake Dust

    I am wondering if there is much brake dust appearing on the wheels for those that have several thousand miles on their trucks.
  2. PPF dealers in Ft. Worth/Arlington area.

    Greetings y'all. Any Texas forum members have recommendations for PPF shops? I live in the DFW metro mess and have suffered many rocks chips in my life. Looking for alternatives to the factory PPF. Thanks in advance.
  3. Intro from DFW

    Greeting from North Central Texas. Have learned a lot about the Maverick. My plan is order an XLT/FWD/2.0/OW/Lux/CP360 and a few accessories. I will be dealing with Sam Pack's Five Star Ford in NRH. Have dealt with them on other vehicles, they have treated me very well. They will accept X-Plan...