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  1. 📬 12/1/22 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    Did you try looking it up on the order tracking site?
  2. 📬 12/1/22 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    just curious…. Is their anyone who got the order confirmation or 45 day email (clearly Ford has your email linked to your order), that didn’t get a scheduling email, but contacted ford directly and ended up having the ford rep providing them with a build date?
  3. Maverick Scheduling Week of 12/01/22: All of January

    They are mostly constrained on hybrid engines in the scheme of adding more options to the EB lineup like the tremor doesn't really change things that much.
  4. Amazon console tray fits nice

    Just curious…how stable is the top one if you leave out the bottom tray? Im thinking of using one shallow tray only
  5. My First Cyber Orange Maverick Spotting

    Thanks….like a little preview for my FX4 (but XLT and the FX4 black wheels). I definitely think a low profile tonneau would look great with the yellow. The more black to contrast the yellow the better.
  6. Some clever storage and cargo management ideas / bed mods on Maverick

    beats locations that you cannot reach without taking other parts off or the fender like wrangler. For routine access, that looks like the easiest place possible.
  7. Suggestions for Trade-in?

    Likely private sale, carmax type of place, then dealer. In my mind the dealer kind of has all the power in the negotiation. If you don’t buy the Mav, they can sell it easily for the same price and likely more. Will the dealer tell you how much they would give you before the Mav arrives? This...
  8. Remaining Unscheduled MY2023 Maverick Orders = 77,800. List of Current Constraints

    A total number for the year, when they are dependent on various companies for parts…..I doubt they can forecast exactly how many they can build in a year. Decent estimate?…..sure How many next month?….now that they should be able to get a better estimate
  9. Production Questions

    On the priority number, are you a 22 to 23 roll over or a fresh 23 order? if you are a 22 rollover, I would say that is a kind of sucky priority (assuming you dealer isn’t giving every rollover a 16). It seems like most dealers that actually change the priority code give rollover orders...
  10. Anyone concerned about rising auto interest rates and decreased used car values?

    as my kids are getting older, I don’t mind used prices having a big hit. With the current prices, I would hate to have to pay the going rate for old vehicles.
  11. Maverick FX4 Snow-Wheeling Review

    Exactly. They is why I plan on doing it once, then adding the fumoto valve that uses a hose to drain it out from then on. If they just had a top loading canister filter, it would be a really easy mess free job.
  12. Maverick FX4 Snow-Wheeling Review

    looks like you don’t have to take it completely off if you put in a fumoto drain valve….but you would still have to take off the part the goes under the filter. I really wish ford would have went with a cartridge filter that you changed from the top. Maybe someday someone will make a...
  13. Boomba Racing Catch Cans Stage 1 and 2 Now Available for 2.0 Maverick!
  14. Consumer Reports: Hybrid more dependable than gas

    I wouldn’t trust any of these type of reliability survey results any more than asking a random person on the street for their opinion.
  15. Option regrets?

    it comes standard with the XLT package iirc
  16. hybrid order

    19 is completely meaningless in and of itself.. We would have to know: How many rollovers your dealer has...and are they giving them higher priorites How many new 23 orders your dealer has (% that are hybrid might be interesting too.) Your dealer's allocations How your dealer is handling...
  17. Allocations

    That sounds like great odds
  18. Option regrets?

    The manual window is a standalone item on the XLT (at least it was when I ordered). I originally ordered it, but removed it later. Maybe you are thinking about the power rear window?
  19. EcoBoost Maverick 4K AWD went 500+ Miles on 1 tank using Eco Mode 😁

    Yeah. I remember at short time period in the late 90's, when I was in high school, that it dipped down to around 80 cents...