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  1. Finally got it! Initial 4-hour drive home in Maverick XLT Hybrid review

    Sweet! Another Oregon hybrid! I've had mine since late January '22, and I am very pleased. Most of my driving is in Eugene, and off on secondary roads: I hit 40+mpg for most of my driving. You mileage will get better as the truck learns about you. Enjoy!
  2. It's not school bus yellow. IT'S NOT SCHOOL BUS YELLOW!!!

    I need to pose my truck like this! Great photos!
  3. SSM posted for Hybrid Maverick brake problem: Brakes Grab During Light Braking When Applied At OrBelow 6.2 Mph (10 Km/h) -- 10/21/22

    Yah, dealer told me "it's just how Mavericks work..." Le sigh. Will get this patch applied as soon as available!
  4. A Surprising And Enlightening Experience From First Maverick Road Trip

    Nice photos, and that looks like a fun trip! My experience shows a dramatic drop in MPG when you are pushing into 75-80 mph. The truck is a brick, after all! That being said, the hybrid truck is quite happy to keep up with the faster traffic, and still get 30+ MPG.
  5. Dirt Roads With Maverick Hybrid?

    Earlier this year, I took a long road trip that took in some improved dirt roads, and the Hybrid on stock Continentals handled just fine: I've also been on forest...
  6. How long before full trust in a road trip?

    I took my hybrid on 2800+ mile roadtrip in the spring when the truck was only 1500 miles old. I didn't run into any problems on the whole trip, except disappointing mileage trying to do 80 mph into a heavy headwind across parts of Nevada. Enjoy your trip! But keep your cellphone charged?
  7. First check engine light, hybrid xlt

    I had some coolant smells in the cab after some driving in the hills: this was still in the 'break-in' period. Took it in to the dealer and they took a close look, didn't find anything. 2K more miles, and it hasn't happened since! Hopefully, it's a break-in glitch, and all is good!
  8. Eugene to Escalante and Back: Back Roads and Dirt Roads, A Hybrid Truck Trip

    Hey Captain, I don't have the truck hooked up to any services, if that is what you are asking. As for my phone plan, T-Mobile had me covered in most places, but when I got off the major roads, any signal evaporated. Plan accordingly!
  9. Eugene to Escalante and Back: Back Roads and Dirt Roads, A Hybrid Truck Trip

    Sorry for the late reply! Certainly, if you stay on the marked roads, you should be fine. Go slow, and understand it's not an all-terrain! Take water, food, and fuel, and travel with friends!
  10. Don't ruin it for the old guys!

    Almost five turns of the Dragon! I am still amazed with the back-up camera, and the auto-headlights!
  11. Cap (Topper)

    Top looks really nice! Does the color look like it matches when you are up close? Thank you for posting!
  12. Another Cyber Orange Mav in My Town!

    I'm sure the OCF would love to have you back!
  13. Another Cyber Orange Mav in My Town!

    No, sorry! This encounter happened at 18th and Willamette. Message me next time you are headed this way!
  14. Another Cyber Orange Mav in My Town!

    You were heading east and I was heading north very near downtown! Message me, and we will accidentally park in the same place at the same time! My Maverick:
  15. Eugene to Escalante and Back: Back Roads and Dirt Roads, A Hybrid Truck Trip

    Since this was the first time on unimproved roads, I made sure that I had friends along in a second vehicle. And, it wasn't that far off the beaten path! We could have walked out, if needed. Both vehicles carried extra fuel/water/food/toilet paper, just in case. But, I will be more confident...
  16. Hybrid vs. Ecoboost…which one is right for me?

    Another factor is air conditioning: Your profile indicates Arizona, you will probably be using that all the time! If you are doing any long stretches of climbing at highway speeds with A/C, you will not see any benefit from the hybrid. Go with the EcoBoost. My recent road trip across Oregon...
  17. holly crap this maverick can corner!!!

    Yah, it's fun to horse around on the twisties in the Coast Range! Even in Eco mode!
  18. My Maverick Overland Trip w/ RTT Setup

    Wow, great pictures! That looks like a fun trip. Thank you for the inspiration!
  19. Data Log: Real World Fuel Results From My Hybrid Maverick

    That looks very similar to my log! I had a big dip on a recent road trip across Nevada (85 mph into a headwind...).
  20. The Mav Hybrid Off-Highway in CO. (New Sept Pics)

    Wow, that looks like a nice trip! Looking forward to more adventure reports!