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  1. Silvers-NA Coilovers

    Dropped spindles for FWD (or lowered knuckles for AWD/4WD) seem to be like hen's teeth. I've been lowering almost everything I own since the late 80's and I completely agree; a well engineered suspension component would be well received by the Maverick community!
  2. Silvers-NA Coilovers

    Really looking forward to watching this. After the reports of the poor ride quality I skipped Scales and went the easy route with Eibach. Trying not to put those on my '22 because my '23 should be here mid January. But if there's enough convincing I may pony up and buy a set of Silvers. The...
  3. What's your Maverick hauling / carrying in the bed?❓ Show & Tell

    Work stuff a few days ago... Range day a few weeks ago...
  4. Who wants a good chuckle on price offered to me by Vroom???

    I sold a 2017 GMC Sierra last year for $31,800. Vroom's pathetic offer was $14,200. Guess they're the low-ball king? LOL
  5. It's December, Countdown to the 1st 2023 Delivery!!! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner....

    New order. XL hybrid, Cactus Gray, 400 watt inverter.
  6. It's December, Countdown to the 1st 2023 Delivery!!! Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner....

    My Dec 5th start date shows "In Production" as of today, and my window sticker is now available.
  7. Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) FORScan mod (confirmed working)

    That's my experience too, although I can't say I'm disappointed. I'm using it more as a "What was that speed limit sign I just passed?" Or, "I haven't seen a speed limit sign in a while, I wonder what it is here." I've noticed that branches covering even the slightest amount, or a SHADOW on...
  8. December 5th production - check your window sticker!

    Mine populated in the last few hours today, December 1st. Shows "in production" but the status bar hasn't moved.
  9. 3D print apps for Maverick

    Well THIS is already my favorite!
  10. My Maverick is offended

    I'm a car guy. Level 99. A lifetime friend of mine was looking at my Maverick today. He's a car guy too, level 99. He said the Mavericks look like like an Aussie Ute ordered from Wish. I ain't even mad. I laughed so damned hard then called him names and we laughed together. My Maverick...
  11. Removing the dealer install optional window wind deflector, question

    Dental floss works great, no scratching. Then use an adhesive remover to get the glue off of your paint.
  12. Issue with infotainment screen In hybrid maverick

    I have a Galaxy S22 and mine is glitchy too. Won't recognize that a phone (mine or wife's Apple) is plugged in periodically, won't respond occasionally to voice commands, or freezes during, etc. It's glitchy for sure, even though I've tried several cables for both phones. The one thing that...
  13. Mode Selection

    Here's the video mentioned above. Also, I'll tell you that many of us have changed from Eco to Slippery. Shift points are much lower and it improves mileage over Eco. I went from 24.0 around town to 26.5.
  14. Truck Hero Rebates (TruXedo, BAK, UnderCover, Retrax, and more)

    Thanks again for this! I had no idea and will never complain about an additional $150 in my pocket! :)
  15. Truck Hero Revolver X4S - love it!

    WOW! Thanks a bunch! I had no idea this was going on and I'm glad I hadn't thrown the box away!
  16. Sold on Carmigo!

    I'll give it a shot with my '22 XL EcoBoost when my '23 Hybrid arrives in January(?).
  17. DIY Video: Adding Eco and Sport Mode using FORScan (on my Maverick Lariat FX4 & 4K Package)

    @volksnut didn't lower your truck while you were there? LOL
  18. Flat Towing a Maverick Hybrid?

    This makes sense. :) I don't camp while towing so I didn't see this angle of the argument. I'm either driving my Jeep hunting and sleep in a tent or drive to our cabin and sleep there. I don't think I've stayed in a campground since I was a little kid... 45 plus years ago? Thanks for the...
  19. Maverick Hybrid Custom Exhaust Complete!

    I need tailgate mounted GoPro footage to be convinced.
  20. Flat Towing a Maverick Hybrid?

    Having towed trailers most of my life I just can't comprehend why a tow bar or a tow dolly is even a consideration. No disrespect to anyone, but a tandem axle car trailer is SO much easier to deal with than either of the other options, and it's easier to back. Sure they're a little more...