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  1. PPF - Is it worth it?

    So I did the PPF for the purpose of protecting the front end from road debris. I had the front section of the hood, bumper, top of the roof, a-pillars and the door step in area. I'd agree save the 6k.
  2. Top 5 Accessories/Changes?

    Possibly. I saved the original hoses should there be an issue down the road.
  3. Top 5 Accessories/Changes?

    There are a number of threads on the forum and some of the sponsors have items available. Give it some research and you make the call.
  4. Top 5 Accessories/Changes?

    Although some will debate, oil catch cans.
  5. Top 5 Accessories/Changes?

    I would agree with the additional tint strip, it really makes a big difference when driving into the sun. I also did an almost unnoticeable windshield tint, again comfort in direct sun. I also added 3M PPF on the front clip, roofline, a-columns and all 4 doorstep/rockers.
  6. My First Edition Maverick with Mods, with Pictures and Links

    Thanks for posting all your additions, especially with the links. Nice job and enjoy the truck!!!
  7. Ford sends out (blanket spam) email -- "An Important Update About Your Order"

    Your not alone!!!! Yes received last evening. I was really excited then I read it and no different than any other morning....going to make coffee. Have a great day a!!!
  8. Screen

    I saw a video from Panda motors where they installed a screen cover/protective film which did seem to cut down some glare and fingerprints.
  9. One month in and I’m having doubts

    Among other vehicles, I have an 04 Element that has 307k and runs well. My ordered Mav is the replacement and I would think it an equal range of price if both were new today. Finally, I'd say if they made the E today I'd be hard pressed not to purchase it.
  10. Floor Mat alternative options - Weathertech and Maxspider mats for Ford Escape

    Thanks I looked at them on amazon and they do look nice. I've had weathertech for a number of cars. This might be a good look. How about some pics when you can?
  11. 2022 Maverick on 18" Focus ST Wheels, Painted Brakes Calipers, Splash Graphics

    Nice customization/personalization!!! Thanks for posting as it shows all the great individual ideas out there. Keep up the good work.