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  1. I sold Titsy today. Sad to let her go

    In which state, as opposed to when money and keys are exchanged?
  2. I sold Titsy today. Sad to let her go

    Once again: If the vehicle is financed, simply cashing the check does not complete the deal. It is not done until the vehicle is paid off. You are not disagreeing with this, nor stating anything contradictory, yet indicating you are. Thus you don't seem to understand.
  3. New personal best mileage 74.4 mpg

    Translation: "BORING!" Which doesn't really contribute to the thread...
  4. I sold Titsy today. Sad to let her go

    You misunderstand. It's not as simple as cashing the check for the selling price minus the 10-day payoff quote. If financed, the dealer has only given you a check for a portion of the selling price. So if they refuse to honor the deal, then you'll need to pursue legal action to enforce the...
  5. I sold Titsy today. Sad to let her go

    Unless it was financed, in which case, you're reliant on the dealer holding up their end of the bargain with paying off the loan.
  6. I sold Titsy today. Sad to let her go

    So, if you were to sign the paperwork, just as you were about to drive away, could you run back in and say, sorry, I can't buy this car after all, my spouse agreed on the wrong price with you? A contract is a contract. They have all the resources, knowledge, and power in this deal; you don't...
  7. New personal best mileage 74.4 mpg

    Headed downhill into town on Saturday, I also got over 70 mpg for the first few miles - until it leveled off and the HVB needed charging. If only that would've lasted longer. ;)
  8. 12V battery charging

    When the vehicle is on, the 12V battery is being charged by the HVB, whether ICE is on or not. There is no need to force the ICE on to charge the 12V battery. ICE will kick on when it's needed. If ICE isn't on, that has no impact on the 12V battery.
  9. 12V battery charging

    12V battery is charged via HVB, not ICE. As long as the vehicle is on, 12V is charging. If ICE is off, HVB is discharging until the ICE is needed. However, the 12V battery is undersized and the fact that the vehicle is never fully off (FordPass Connect modem, etc.) means that the 12V battery...
  10. Question about Ford website and Reservations/Ordering

    Only reservations/orders placed directly through will show there - so far, that's mainly Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, Bronco. Your Maverick was ordered straight through the dealer so it won't show up on there. Hopefully you received confirmation directly from the dealer that the...
  11. Anyone like the dial shifter?

    I like it more the more I use it. Especially coming from a Focus where the shifter would block the storage tray (and my phone) when in Park. The dial never gets in my way, and with PRND, it’s at least as intuitive as the traditional designs.
  12. Anyone like the dial shifter?

    Sometimes you focus all of your attention on whether you can do something, and not nearly enough on whether you should. This is an example of that.
  13. What does your key look like?

    Probably by pressing the button and removing the handle, along with the key blade itself... Haha?
  14. Maverick Hybrid EGR valve unit failed at 400 miles, need a whole new exhaust system that backordered with ETA.

    Lemon laws involve the manufacturer, not the dealer. The manufacturer is said to have built a defective product. It's no loss to the dealer if they sell you a lemon, other than any reputation hit they may or may not even notice.
  15. Maverick Hybrid EGR valve unit failed at 400 miles, need a whole new exhaust system that backordered with ETA.

    I wouldn't. MD lemon law refers to vehicles registered in MD, not sold in MD.
  16. Not my wife.... totaled our Maverick 1.0 but we tracked down another !

    Are people really convinced that Mavericks are rear-ended significantly more frequently than other models of vehicles? They happen all day, every day, everywhere in the country on the planet, with every make, model, class of vehicle you can imagine, you just never hear of the vast majority of...
  17. 88 Octane Gas in Maverick Hybrid?

    Well, then let's just include that entire section from the manual, shall we? Indeed, using anything below 87 octane is not recommended.
  18. What goes in to building a Ford… (assembly line video)

    Is there a debate in this thread I can't see?
  19. No Insulation at Fender to engine!?

    ... okay...
  20. No Insulation at Fender to engine!?

    Ford's been using those foam blocks for over a decade minimum. 2012 Focus had 'em, at least on the higher trims. If it was really an issue with retaining water, one might think someone would've made a big deal about it...