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  1. $100k Truck vs. $25k Truck

    As they say, the efficiency of scale, but I know its a lot more than that. Imagine if mav was a company's first or second product. Imagine they could only build 10,000 a year,( I have no idea how many rivian builds). I'm sure mavs would be a lot more money.
  2. Tremor real-world MPG? Guesses?

    Still better than that 2004 ranger I have with a v6. A bigger deal to me is range. Will it do more than 300 miles on a tank of gas
  3. 📈 Maverick November 2022 Sales: 7,457 Sold / 6,614 Produced

    I am also a Nov sale. I got mine on Nov 10., the usmc birthday, and I'm a usmc vet. Totally random as far as I know.
  4. I'm thinking of switching hot pepper red to shadow black.

    I'm going with the red, but I am just thinking of options. I have just started another thread about being bored while waiting. Actually the smart thing for me would be to turn my previous daily driver into the company truck. It's a 2004 ranger edge. Its already a dark color and has more space...
  5. We are bored waiting for our tremors.

    Does this help?
  6. We are bored waiting for our tremors.

    If you have a tremor on order.....Go ahead and post a picture of your other mav, or whatever else you are driving while waiting.
  7. I'm thinking of switching hot pepper red to shadow black.

    So, just out of curiosity. Would a black paint job be in the way, or help give a thicker coat of paint? What if I wanted to paint it velocity blue to match my fx4?. I am thinking big black letters across the side.
  8. Well, I got one

    We want pictures!
  9. For granger buyers who didn't see Iowa

    Oh yeah, come back and take as many deer as you can. I won't speak for everybody, but many of us are sick of them wrecking our cars.
  10. For granger buyers who didn't see Iowa

    That was south Amana. It and homestead are on the south side of the Iowa river. West amana,, high Amana, middle Amana, and east Amana are on the north side. There is a well marked Amana trail to get to all easily.
  11. For granger buyers who didn't see Iowa

    I actually have some distant relatives around riverside. Maybe 10 years ago one of my moms cousins was the grand Marshall? for the yearly parade. She rode in the first car.. we had a faimly reunion and rounded up as many people from around the u.s. as we could for that party. Maybe 50, maybe...
  12. For granger buyers who didn't see Iowa

    Hello to all the others who bought a mav from granger , or have just been following the thread out of curiosity. I am from Iowa, I have read how people have ordered from granger, picked up their mavs, got on the interstate, and headed home. Now let me be honest. Where I live, right in the...
  13. Last Maverick built for 2022?

    yeah the open ones were tempting targets for rocks Yes they were!!
  14. BLACK FX4 wheels available as aftermarket copies / clones?

    I have thought of getting an extra set of fx4 wheels for my fx4. A set for summer and winter sets of tires. They are nice wheels. It's part of the reason I picked the fx4 package.
  15. Last Maverick built for 2022?

    I grew up next to the main train line between Chicago and Omaha, and then to the original transcontinental tracks from omaha to the west coast. Now I live in another town next to the same tracks It used to be the Chicago and northwestern. Now it's owned by union pacific. I don't recall the...
  16. Last Maverick built for 2022?

    I have often wondered this... Will anyone but the factory know which one was the last 2022. Off topic but... I used to be a dealer for a top brand of electric guitars. When they discontinued a model they kept the last one for their guitar museum. Not the last one each year. The last one when...
  17. Tremor front camera

    I didn't think I wanted a front camera. I don't do serious off road, I don't need that, I thought. I just got my xlt, fx4 and I want a front camera just so I can park better. That front end is so tall compared to my rangers I feel like I am going to hit stuff as I park. Like pulling into a...

    When you see the other drivers staring, remember to wave.
  19. Maverick is a snow champ!

    Car chirp? Is that when you press lock twice and the horn beeps? I was wondering what that was for.
  20. New Here

    Welcome, and get comfortable with the wait. The real nail biting begins when you get the email that says "in production" followed by the "shipped" email. During my long wait I got used to waiting. When they told me they were actually building it, I got all kinds of anxious. Does the long...