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  1. Ideas for performance tuning the 2.0 EcoBoost Maverick

    Have MRT straight pipe exhaust, Steeda blowoff, and Buschur intake. Thinking about... JB4 piggyback tuner JB4 water/methanol injection kit Boomba throttle body and intake spacers (for the WMI ports) When a larger turbo becomes available I want it, plus would then like to add... Buschur...
  2. I have decided on a lift kit. Need help with spacers.

    I'll be going with the 1.5" spacer lift (no level) from Belltech to maintain the raked stance. I would like to add spacers to the rear, to get those wheels to match the front. The front wheels protrude past the fender from the factory and I'd like all four corners to be uniform, for the look...
  3. Yakima OverHaul with Elevate T Slot Rails?

    Anyone know if these parts are compatible? Truxedo X15 Truxedo t-slot rails Yakima OverHaul HD Towers
  4. Throttle Body Spacer and Spray?

    Would those ports on the Boomba throttle body spacer be good for a bottle?
  5. Maverick Truck Club Window Stickers

    Is there someone on Etsy who can make high quality and affordable stickers, so we can represent and get more Maverick owners and future owners to join? It would be good for the club and encourage membership and also the growth of the aftermarket. Not a big window sticker guy, but I would...
  6. Yakima X Large Roof Basket & KC Lights

    Has anyone seen a photo of a Maverick with Yakima's extra large roof basket? Better yet, has anyone seen a photo of the basket with the Yakima light mounts and some KCs? I've been looking and I'm having trouble finding anyone who's done this.
  7. The Baja Maverick Build Update

    Hey guys, just posting a photo of my Maverick. Enjoying it so far. Awesome truck. Long post. Feel free to just look at the pictures if you want. I don't post much and wanted to inject some positivity into the forum that I feel has been missing for a bit. Hoping to inspire others to share their...
  8. Rear OEM Mudflaps install instructions?

    Wanted to wait to post until I had most of my stuff done, but I need help. The OEM Ford rear mud flap installation instructions are confusing the hell out of me. Watched a video on YouTube that didn't clear things up. Anyone with experience installing these at least know which side each support...