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  1. Another Cyber Orange Mav in My Town!

    You were heading east and I was heading north very near downtown! Message me, and we will accidentally park in the same place at the same time! My Maverick:
  2. Eugene to Escalante and Back: Back Roads and Dirt Roads, A Hybrid Truck Trip

    Vehicle: 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid, all stock, nothing add, nothing taken away. Distance: 2800 miles and change. Route: Eastbound: Eugene, Lakeview, Adel, Sheldon Wildlife Refuge, Winnemucca, Elko, east side of the Ruby Mountains, Ely, Delta, Fremont Indian Petroglyph Park, Panguitch...
  3. Second Fill-Up: 414 miles, 10.4 gallons, 39.81 mpg

    Mileage on this tank was mostly in town driving, with one long road trip[1], and one medium road trip[2]. No issues to report: Saffy (truck name) continues to be comfortable, quiet, and stable! [1] 168 mile loop out to the Oregon Coast following the Umpqua river. Highly recommended. [2] Quick...
  4. First Fill-up Real World 38.7 MPG

    Started out at 18 miles on the odometer from the dealer. At 3/4 tank, 431 on the odo, added 10.7 gallons, which calculates out to 38.7 mpg! That is all-around driving, mostly eco mode when I drive it, but there are two other people driving the truck. Picked up the truck on 8 January, and it...