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  1. Long time reader, just joined MTC yesterday (11/30/22)

    Hey! Welcome to the s#it-show! 20% useful stuff and 80% complaining, but still a great place to be (somehow)!
  2. What are the odds I can get 3 replacement windows?? Maverick broken into!

    Yes. The assault person is probably dealing with some mental issues. Thieves know GD well what they're doing.
  3. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    Oh I agree. No matter what additional things people add, the truck is still built the same. Nicer seats (arguably), moon roof, etc. doesn't change what it is at its core. I do like my truck quite a lot, and don't drive it nearly as much as some other folks. Mine is probably treated a lot better...
  4. Anyone else unimpressed by the build quality? Some examples inside

    Agreed. Granted, I paid more than $22k, but my expectations for this vehicle were never that high. Just run and not cause too many problems while doing so. The extra money I spent were for some creature comforts. I've never kept a vehicle longer than a few years (typically leased) and I never...
  5. What are the odds I can get 3 replacement windows?? Maverick broken into!

    At face value... Yes, scum. I mean, the punchy person without a doubt. Cheater may have more of a story to tell
  6. What are the odds I can get 3 replacement windows?? Maverick broken into!

    You know...I was thinking the same exact thing!
  7. Maverick Hybrid Custom Exhaust Complete!

    What a great job! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Trouble adapting coming from Silverado and Tiguan

    I took a bit for me to get used to the dial shifter too. Driving the in-laws' Edge a few times got me somwhat acclimated before my Mav came in luckily. The auto-stop is probably not something I'll ever get used to. I turn it on from time to time, but always find myself firmly planted on the...
  9. Amazon console tray fits nice

    I love the trays. Such a great upgrade over the big open console. I was really impressed with the fit too.
  10. How Many Maverick First Editions Hybrid models were produced in MY 2022?

    Including my own, there were 3 first editions in the main parking lot for the Phoenix turkey trot yesterday. 2 hybrids (my truck's twin in carb grey) and rapid red on the EB. I saw three other Mavs (non-FE) yesterday too. Big day for mav spotting in Phoenix!
  11. Maverick XLT Build: Silvers Coilovers, Stek Dyno Prism PPF, Roof Wrap, Ceramic Tint, Tailgate Spoiler, Bed Cover, Stubby Antenna, Vossen Wheels

    I love everything about this... except for the tailgate "spoiler". That will never look good on anything.
  12. Finally got it! Initial 4-hour drive home in Maverick XLT Hybrid review

    Looks great! Welcome to the club! Enjoy the satisfaction you'll get driving around in a vehicle that's currently unattainable. It's kinda like driving around in a Ferrari...just a couple hundred grand cheaper!
  13. No FITS kit for me????

    Correct. Pretty worthless. Except the trash can. It's quite good, but not $80 good that's for sure!
  14. No FITS kit for me????

    I ordered mine just a few weeks before you and I got the email about the free kit. Had to hunt the kit down at the dealership though. It should have been in the truck when I took delivery.
  15. Lariat trim, worth it?

    Built in xm/sync 3 was a very big determining factor when I chose lariat lux. Plus the whole thing is still so affordable that getting all the bells and whistles didn't seem like a big deal. Worth with it for me as my only vehicle and daily driver. It's nice to have that little bit more comfort...
  16. Saw a Maverick not marked (no stamping on tailgate)

    For sure. The more models that start to use daytime LEDs, and use a similar design makes it a lot harder to distinguish. When the 2024 Rangers start hitting the road, it'll be very difficult!
  17. Saw a Maverick not marked (no stamping on tailgate)

    For sure, license plate is the easiest way to spot a Mav from behind. I've been almost fooled a number of times until I looked for the plate. Oncoming, the headlamps are unique enough to help it to stand out.
  18. Option regrets?

    No REGERTS (not even one letter?) on my order since the FE came with pretty much everything I could've wanted. Sometimes I wish I'd opted for the Rapid Red paint rather than Carb Grey though.
  19. Climate control no display even with 6k option

    Shoulda read the goings on for the last half-year+. This really should not have been a shocker. Same thing happened to a number of models. FWIW, us early orders have the temps on the dials and it's [email protected]@king-tastic! (Pun intended)
  20. Deer vs. Maverick

    Deer know, some how, how to ruin someone's day. Even if you've never hunted them. Probably not shooting them makes your chances worse.