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  1. Keko's Black Friday Sale is ON!

    I can't find information on how high the cover sits above the bed. Is it .5" or 1.5"?
  2. Truxedo ProX15, factory bed liner, tailgate assist.

    Looks great! I am eyeing up that prox15. Can you tell me how much of the sides of the bed get blocked by the covers frame?
  3. Simple Handmade Camper Build

    Please do! I'd love to see that
  4. Simple Handmade Camper Build

    A local brewery hosted a car camping competition so I started working on my camping set up for the Mav. It took a whole lot of measuring but overall is pretty simple. I started by cutting a 1/2 inch plywood sheet into a 48"x53" section that fits very well in the main truck bed. Then a 48"x24"...
  5. CACTUS GRAY Maverick Club

    I work at a body shop and the incredibly nice paint guys painted up a Yeti Tumblr I had to match, as well as some sunglasses and another water bottle. I am so dang excited! This color is beautiful.
  6. Hybrid favorite drive mode

    Yes! I have been clenching my whole body while pressing the brake, like I'm cutting bomb wires, just so it doesn't jerk to a stop. I went into slippery mode when we got some snow the other day and the brake finally feels like a "normal" brake. I think I'll be training myself to hit that mode...
  7. Finally found a tent that fits the bed 🤣

    I have seen both of the green tents shared above, unfortunately both are too long for the bed. Unless there's a good solution for extension that can be packed up when driving? And I do hope for two people fitting, otherwise there are 1 person tents with doors on the short ends for easier access...
  8. Finally found a tent that fits the bed 🤣

    To both of the above, I'd prefer a tent that goes in the bed, and likely will sit on a platform that levels with the propped position of the tailgate. Unfortunately every tent is way over the 4.5' of the bed, the maybe roughly 5.5' the tailgate propped up, and even the 6' tailgate down if...
  9. Finally found a tent that fits the bed 🤣

    Firefly! Outdoor Gear Finn The Shark Kid's Camping Combo (One-Room Tent, Sleeping Bag, Lantern And it comes with a shark lantern! But for real, I'm going crazy trying to find a truck bed camping option that isn't $1k pop up. I saw the kamprite cots for about $500 that might work sideways as...
  10. How well do taped on exterior accessories hold up, especially with car washes?

    I work in an auto body shop, it takes a lot of work to get those pieces off, they last through just about everything with the truck, like Ricstar said.
  11. Anyone from North Dakota order a Maverick?

    Build week of 2/28 in Fargo! Hybrid lariat lux ordered 7/26. Hoping the fwd works okay in the weather, I've only driven awd around here 🤞
  12. Rear windows down only, wind buffeting loud!!

    Dang, I was worried about that! Thanks for the heads up
  13. Truck Bed Cooler for camping?

    Is anyone thinking of keeping a cooler in their truck bed full time or when camping? I've been looking at some dimensions and the 150 qt Coleman 316 series would seem to fit well, and the 120 qt would fit between the wheel wells, but I also don't have my mav, just going off specs. It would also...
  14. Two tone or not to two tone? That is the question...

    Oooh I might have to fiddle with some mock-ups. Although I'm not sure how it'll look with the bubble body of the Mav versus those nice sharp angles on the old ones.
  15. $750 Ford Rebate?

    I called my dealer yesterday to see if I could get the rebate even though my production week was 2/14, now 2/28 according to him. He said since it's not in production that he can't see it in Vincent. But, somehow my sister, someone who has never owned a Ford but does have a new lease, got the...
  16. Any Insights when to hope for Build Dates for Orders After August?

    I placed a hybrid (lariat lux) order mid July and my build date is week of Feb 14th
  17. How will the hybrid front wheel drive handle in snow ???

    What kind of snow tires does everyone that mentions getting them suggest? I'm all for spending extra if it means better quality too.
  18. Summary of my 2022 Maverick XLT issues so far

    I work in an auto body shop and it's not uncommon to have to fix cars that just came to the lot. Usually it's from transportation, things like dings and paint chips. This seems like a factory issue, but regardless I'm glad they're being quick to fix the issues. I agree with being "picky" about...
  19. Making the Most of Your 4.5' Truck Bed

    I ordered the hybrid lariat with luxury pkg and this will be my first truck. What are you all planning on doing to get the most out of your truck bed? I love camping in the back of my outback and I hope to get some sort of tent like this one to make the truck work...