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  1. Fixed-Point Roof Racks (Yakima Landing Pads, Rails, etc.)

    No, I have no intentions of spending that kind of money! 500 max in Canadian dollars and not a penny more. Also, this is in Canada and the exchange rate is about 30% (1 US dollar = 1.30 Canadian). There are a lot of things in that quote are questionable / don't need.
  2. Fixed-Point Roof Racks (Yakima Landing Pads, Rails, etc.)

    I just got a quote to do this job from RackAttack in Canada. I was kind of sticker shocked when I saw the quote. I don't have for the price you paid to have this job done, even if it was a 100 more. I'll have to get back with them have them explain each line item. More to come on this from me...
  3. DIY Video: Adding Eco and Sport Mode using FORScan (on my Maverick Lariat FX4 & 4K Package)

    Great write up! A little glare on the video but still well documented!! I've read in the forum where someone said they were getting better mileage using Slippery mode than Eco. Have you tried using Slippery mode to see if you get better mileage? I still think your write up is a great...
  4. Engine cover installed on Maverick Hybrid Lariat. Part numbers inside

    I found this site that has the engine covers....what year is your engine cover came from?
  5. 13 Month Wait Finally Ends!

    I agree, your truck is messing up the pic of the cabin...can you move your truck out of the way next time :) And Yes, VERY nice truck!!!
  6. Price protection on a 22

    I received a check from my dealership yesterday and couldn't understand why! It was for price protection and it was for 306.17. I picked up my truck back on Nov 11.
  7. The heated seat doesn't work with remote start

    I have the same issue as well. When I auto start the car and turn on the engine with my key, the heated seats & steering wheel will come on. I have set heated seats & steering wheel to auto on. Does the fan have to be on or set to auto for the heated seats & steering wheel to come on when auto...
  8. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Totally agree with you on this! I'm not sure what these people were thinking...."He's not going to look under his truck and to verify the crappy undercoating job we did!" Un-Freakin believable, that's all I can say!
  9. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Well, I didn't do this today but on Wednesday. Took my Maverick in to get it undercoated that morning. They were going to use this stuff I brought in (BP Surface Shield) since they didn't have the NU Oil. Then I looked under my Maverick to check out the undercoating job when I got home from...
  10. New Here

    I head up North every other weekend during the spring, summer & fall to my brother place in Bellaire which isn't to far from TC. The bad part about TC is the housing market! If you owned a home while you lived in TC, you most likely made a killing when you sold your home! Also, you can't beat...
  11. Maverick vs Buffalo Snow Storm 😳

    I can't imagine waking up seeing all that snow and looking out the window wondering exactly where my Maverick was parked in the driveway.
  12. New Here

    I'm staying off the freeway until I get a 1000 mile on my hybrid too and keeping it under 50 mph! I had to borrow my brother truck to pull my utility trailer b/c I didn't want to tow anything until I have a 1000 miles. And living up here in the rust belt (MI) I'm not driving it in the snow...
  13. Does the Maverick have mount points to install a roof rack?

    Ok, may be around 45lbs(ish) but not more than 50 for sure and I know for sure it doesn't weigh 100lbs. Right now my kayak is hanging in my garage and I will weigh it next spring.
  14. Tonneaus with rack rails

    Drilling holes and removing the headliner is a bit too much for me as well. I just google Rack Attack and they have no locations near me (metro Detroit). Did they give you a guarantee with the install (rust or leaking) and if you don't mind me asking how much did they charge for the install? I...
  15. Tonneaus with rack rails

    I was going to ask if you drilled any holes and I read later in that thread you did. I take you had to remove the head liner as well. Did you or have someone else install the roof rails?
  16. Tonneaus with rack rails

    How did you modify your roof to install the roof rack? I have the same setup as you except for the roof mounts
  17. Does the Maverick have mount points to install a roof rack?

    I'm looking for a good way to carry my 17 foot wood kayak I just finished putting together as well. I don't want to get it all scratched / dinged up while putting it on my Elevate rack. I'm looking at the Thule Hullavator (...
  18. 🙋‍♂️ What did you do TO / WITH your Maverick today?

    Looks long is your kayak? I have a 17 foot wood kayak I put together which weighs about 45 lbs(ish). Your kayak looks like it sits pretty high.
  19. ICONIC SILVER Maverick Club

    Humm, I just saw this thread....Here's my silver Maverick
  20. To my Maverick's twin in Franklin NC

    This is the 2nd time within a week another Maverick parked next to me. I didn't noticed until I sat in my Maverick ready to back out.