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  1. Another 12 second Maverick -- 93 octane with weight reduction

    This alone makes me want to switch my order to an EB. But I would go broke quick once I start going faster. I had an 85GT 5 speed with a high revving 306 and AFR heads. I could drive to the track swap tires and run [email protected] I remember the first time I ran 12.90 in that same car in the mid...
  2. Should Ford cancel some of the new Hybrid orders?

    Can Ford simply give current MY23 order holders the opportunity to switch their Hybrid to EB? This may help improve the chance we get ours built if a handful of Hybrids get switched over. I ordered a Hybrid Lariat myself but may swap to EB if presented the opportunity. I currently drive a Nissan...
  3. Maverick Demographics with Poll

    I have seen quite a few Mavericks around the Richmond VA area. From what I can tell none of the drivers were under 50.
  4. Maverick Demographics

    54 here. Currently in Nissan Titan getting 12 mpg. Love it but.........Hybrid wins.
  5. How many of you are moving on after getting cancelled?

    The more folks that give up and bail increases the chance, if even slightly, of mine getting built.
  6. ARE Bed Cap for Maverick (First Look Pics)

    I priced this out a couple weeks ago with ARE. A local retail shop contacted me with this info.
  7. Will your current car make it?

    I have 2005 Nissan Titan that I absolutely love. Lots of tasteful upgrades inside and out. And get this, it only has 86k on it as of today. She still has many years left in her. Only problem is it's 12mpg's at today's gas prices keeps her parked most days. I will be selling it once I get...
  8. ALTO BLUE Maverick Club

    I also ordered Alto Blue Hybrid with the Black Appearance Package.
  9. VA Dealers

    Thanks for the Reply. I guess I will do the same. I've been working with Chance. Is your paperwork signed by them, or do you have an unsigned copy?
  10. VA Dealers

    I am in Short Pump and also placed my order at RFW. I pre-ordered it in early August. But same as you it didn't go in until Friday. How exactly did you get that in writing? I have the order itself and the purchase agreement that I signed which shows the purchase price. Is that what you have or...
  11. Which 2023 Maverick trim did you order?

    First post!!!! MY23 order went in and confirmed Friday 9/16. Alto Blue Hybrid Lariat Lariat Lux Package Co-Pilot 360 and 360 Assist Black Appearance Package Remote Start To be added after "potential" delivery: Spray In Liner Tie Down Bed Rails Hard Roll Up or A.R.E. Cap