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  1. $42,000 Mavericks...?

    Mavericks for 42,000.....? Well TWO of them anyways for me were 42k! 1 XLT hybrid and an EB XL. ;)
  2. Ford stock with a PE of 3.9 is nuts...

    Ford stock has a PE of 3.9 stock is very undervalued, even with part shortages, chip issues...this is a company which is still expecting earnings of 11.5-12.5 billion...earnings per share of almost 3.00 pays a 4.9 percent dividend....TSLA on the other hand...has a PE of 107...
  3. Granger long from built?

    With all the 3k under msrp's coming up long has it been "taking" to get from "built to arrival at Granger"? Just for planning purposes! thanks!
  4. Why do so many gear heads HATE the maverick....?

    I live in Michigan...tons of car cruises, shows...when I go to them...NOT showing my maverick or anything, just driving it there and parking...Why oh why do all the gear heads HATE the maverick....? They all have the small peter syndrome and drive giant beefed up trucks...the haters are just...
  5. Any truck tents for Maverick?

    With the tailgate down, are there any truck tents that fit on the maverick? Anyone tried any? Was thinking using plywood floor with piano hinge to open the floor to the full 6.5' when setting up a truck tent? thoughts? thanks!
  6. How many Hybrid owners kicking the crap out of the EPA figures?

    I have been kicking the crap out of the Ford MPG numbers of 33 and 42 for 37 avg. I am averaging 42+ MPG over my last 10k miles. That is approximately 40 percent hwy and 60 city. In the city, I am consistently 50-70 MPG...I'm talking a small city, 30k people, so traffic and lights...
  7. Maverick hybrid review, far exceeding my expectations

    I rec'd my hybrid maverick on 12/23/21. The little truck that could...has far exceeded my all area's. Comfort, reliability, fuel economy and general satisfaction. My maverick currently has over 12k miles. I have averaged 42.1 mpg over the last 9k miles. That is with 40...
  8. Ford INCREASES Dividend by 50 percent! Crushes earnings per share AND revenue for Q2 2022

    Ford kicked some ass...increased div by 50 percent. Blasted earnings per share and revenue. Way to go FOMOCO! Ford stock climbing strongly OVER 14.00/share Earnings per share were .68/share, handily beating the .45 est. Revenue was 37.91 Billion, kicking the ass on the est of 34.32 billion...
  9. Who still LOVES thier Maverick after 10k miles?

    At 11,528 miles with my Hybrid Maverick...STILL lovin' it! Avg 42.0 mpg over the last 8327 miles. Roughly 40 percent hwy, 60 city. How can you beat the MPG of the maverick? Comfortable, easy handling, and easy on the wallet. My maverick is currently parked at Ford Van Dyke Electric...
  10. 10,000 mile HYBRID review

    Hit the 10,000 mile marker on my XLT hybrid. Picked up on 12/23/21. Over the last 7000+ miles, averaging 41.6 MPG. That is with 50/50 hwy and city. Couple hundred miles towing 6x12 enclosed trailer. Absolutely FLAWLESS driving. No mechanical or cosmetic issues. No paint issues, no chips...
  11. Instead of all the about IT'S ONE HELL OF A SMALL TRUCK thread!

    I see lots and lots of complaints on here about the Maverick. I for one, LOVE my hybrid Maverick. One hell of a nice truck. Has FAR exceeded my expectations, especially considering the price point! Ford - You hit a HOME RUN with this little truck! THANKS for producing it and keeping it...
  12. Hauling the ELECTRIC BIKES...7k miles, 42.1 MPG avg...Lovin my Maverick Hybrid

    Lovin my HYBRID. 42.1 mpg avg. Just over 7k miles.
  13. Last 1750 miles...42 mpg

    Over the last 1,759 miles...average of 42.0 MPG. About 75 percent city/back roads up to 60 mph, 25 percent highway.
  14. Hybrid towing enclosed trailer

    1200 pounds empty. 6x12 single axle. Only leaves about 500 for cargo. Only using in a pinch to get a motorcycle 60 miles away.
  15. Anyone Towing with HYBRID?

    Anyone towing with a hybrid? I have a 6x12 enclosed, approx 1200 pounds, need to haul a harley 75 miles. 700 pounder. thoughts?
  16. Last 1000+ mile MPG for my HYBRID = 42.7 MPG

    Thoroughly impressed with my HYBRID MPG. Roughly 60 percent city 40 percent 60 MPH backroads. Last 1000+ miles 42.7 MPG
  17. FIND ELECTRIC COACHING SCREEN hybrid REALLY loves 50-60 mph roads = 45-55 MPG

    Huge difference with HYBRID on MPG hwy vs city/50-60 mph roads. On hwy at 70-72 I struggle to get 32-33 mpg...on city/back MPG is amazing. FIND that coaching screen under the "star" mode. Attaching pictures. I leave my screen on the electric bar and maximize the electric bar. I...
  18. Hybrid 2,000 mile review

    Picked up my HYBRID XLT Dec 23rd...hit the 2,000 mile mark today. The key word I will use is "OUTSTANDING". In Michigan, winter time, I pre start my truck, heat cranked much of the time...I am still averaging 36-40 MPG. During warmer periods, with the MPG reset, I have experienced low 40s in...
  19. Ford STOCK at 24.25 THANKS to Maverick sales, Bronco sales and of course...the Lightning reservations!

    Crazy crazy crazy....Ford stock going through the roof. 24.25/share today. Sales of the Maverick, Bronco and Lightning driving (mostly lightning) price UP! Ford PE 34 GM PE 9 Time for GM to have a nice run to tighten the PE ratio...