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    Consensus On Maverick Bed Dimensions / Length?

    So are you guys saying/thinking the bed can handle a now-priced-at-$90-per-piece-here-in-Texas full sheet of plywood? Assuming 54.5" bed length + 18" tailgate down + 12" tailgate slider?
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    Cyber Orange Maverick prototype spotted

    I'm really diggin' this Maverick front end -- way better than the current Ranger (in my opinion...)
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    Common problems - Are you concerned?

    If that Bronco Sport Badland's 2.0L is available in the Maverick = order this engine (unless maybe a hybrid, depending on specs)... I finally got to highway drive Wifey's Badlands, and the 2.0L does just fine -- this is our 1st Ford vehicle, and the Badlands feels/handles really well (and...
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    Ford Maverick Pricing Will Start Under $20,000 MSRP

    After seeing this Bronco Sport Badlands (took delivery yesterday) with an MSRP of just under $35K = let's say that will be the Lariat level pricing...
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    Will Maverick be delayed?

    Wifey and I took delivery (yesterday evening) on our Bronco Sport Badlands -- it had been delayed 3 separate times for: gray color contrasting top + trailer hitch + cargo mat... It was scheduled for build/production on April 8th but was shipped on 3/24 (Mexico) and arrived on 3/30 (Houston), so...
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    Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Picked up the Bronco Sport Badlands yesterday -- if the Maverick is this size then everyone should rejoice...
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    Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    TruckGuySC -- thanks for the Ridgeline rear seat pic!!! That's what Ford needs in the Maverick -- not that Ranger jacked-up configuration that turned me off (immediately) a couple of years back
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    Spotted: Maverick vs Ranger size comparison

    Dear Ford -- please make the Maverick's rear seat fold flat (either top down or bottom straight up)... When I test-drove the new release Ranger (during their nation-wide tour), I asked the Ford marketing people why they didn't see that deficiency as a turn-off...
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    Base Maverick XL Pickup Spied with Steelies, FWD, Unique Grille! + First Ever Maverick Video

    Why didn't the "new" Ranger have this front end (especially the headlights) when it was reintroduced a couple of years back?
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    Test Drove a Bronco Sport Today

    Finally got a phone call/voice mail from Ford Dealer -- supposedly Wifey's Bronco Sport Badlands is in route, scheduled for arrival very soon. Seems he took notes because I had told him (back on August 13th order date) that the vehicle needs to be in my driveway by/on Wifey's birthday (next...
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    Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Mox's phrase right here above = "...value-focused vehicle..." Price will be the determinant for the Maverick; don't price it anywhere near a Ranger (like the Ranger is so close to the price of a discounted F-150 now)
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    Ordering a Maverick...

    I bet if I transfer my $100 Bronco Sport reservation (last July) over to the Maverick -- the Maverick will beat the Bronco Sport Badlands (that was ordered on August 13, 2020) to my driveway...........
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    Vinyl Seats Please

    Leatherette on the side bolsters with cloth materials where your butt/back make contact (asks a Houston owner who has to endure 10 months of TX heat and humidity....)
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    Maverick estimated dimensions

    Whoa -- what happened to 54" bed length; that 1.5" matters (...that's what she said...)